• Augusta Xu-Holland Demo Reel TLR HD 1080p

Augusta is a half Chinese actress and green energy enthusiast from New Zealand. She currently lives in Beijing where she broke into the China and Hollywood film industry, co-starring in ‘The Last Race’ with Shawn Dou and Joseph Fiennes.


Main Works

‘On Wings of Eagles’ Stephen Shin (2017) Feature film Catherine Standish

‘Borderland Love’ Weining Mao (2018) TV Series Wenwen

‘Rebel’s Trump 3’ Chenyang Yin (2018) Internet Movie Lina

‘Unspoken Code’ Jennifer Schwerin (2018) Short Rhonda

‘Meta Area’ Boshi Wang (2018) Feature Film Pudding



NeverwinterOL, Commercial/Short Film 2015

DJI Drones, Commercial 2015

Journey to the West, Commercial 2015

Rebecca with Fan Bingbing, Commercial 2015

China Science and Technology Fair, Commercial 2015

Mobile phone game, Commercial 2015



STH x Monica Mu Feature Collection 2015

Penguin Pocket Books, Entry in Cannes Ad Festival 2015