• Cary Woodworth Showreel
  • Cary Woodworth 张云龙 Acting Reel - English

Cary Woodworth has been performing on stage since he was 12.  He made his film debut with Stephen Lang in the film, The Money Shot and appeared as Jeff in the ABC movie Mary and Rhoda starring Mary Tyler Moore.  Since, he has appeared in over 35 films Seoul 1945. While filming the film Life Translated in the UK, Cary began to learn the basics of Mandarin, which he now speaks fluently. This led to further work and fame in China and enabled the Cary to become a part of history by becoming the first foreign lead of a Mainland Chinese film as the American war journalist Tom in China 1949. as well as many TV shows including Family Portrait, Guns Hou, Chinatown Storm, Heaven Fire which were all broadcast on CCTV and a Chinese Zodiac, a Jackie Chan film.  Cary also held major roles in the feature films, Rule of ThreeFuel and Julia, festival films such as Three WheelsHoneymoon SuiteLimbo as well as guest appearances on TV shows Without a Trace, Louie, Third Watch 설현 직캠.

Cary’s theater includes original performances in The Dead Boy by Joe Pintauro, An American Family at The Women’s Project and Dewpoint at the Hudson Guild Theater in New York 니드포스피드 모스트원티드.

Cary began producing with the late night television show The Edge which aired all across the United States on ABC and the following year created the company Talks To Trees where he produced commercials and feature films including: A True Story in Paris in collaboration with Studio Kremlin, The Beginning and The End , selected for Cannes 2014, Fear of Extinction for NBC Chiller TV.  He also served as the New York Production Supervisor of the feature film Old Boys, with the Chopstick Brothers 리라이프 다운로드.

He also has directed A Tree Grows Out Harlem starring Joe Holt (winner of the NY State Council of the Arts directing grant), Chardonnay from a Coffee Can starring Oksana Lada and August 2013 Cary had the opportunity to direct his first film completely in Chinese:  Loves Me Like a Rock, which he won Best Director by a panel through CCTV, Chinese Central Television 갤럭시 s2 순정 펌웨어 다운로드.



A True Story                         Lead                      Dir: Picky Talarico

Julia                                 Supporting               Dir: Matthew A 던전에 어서와. Brown

The Hyperglot                   Supporting                  Dir: Michael Urie

Rule of Three                          Lead                     Dir: Eric Shapiro

LIFE, translated                       Lead                      Unitel Pictures

Chinese Zodiac 12             Supporting                  Jackie Chan, Dir Logic free.

Almost Famous                  Supporting                  Dir:  Cameron Crowe

Red Doors                          Supporting                  Polycrome Pictures

China 1949                          Lead                            Propaganda Films

Das Rheingold                     Lead                          Joint Liability Pictures

White Label                          Lead                         Dir: Tenzin Phuntsog

Keeping the Faith               Supporting                  Touchstone Pictures

Collage of Our Lives              Lead                     Dir: Yukihiko Tsutsumi



Louie                                      Co-star                        F/X

Without a Trace                    Guest-Star                    CBS

Guns Hou                           Series Regular              CCTV 1

Family Portrait                    Series Regular              CCTV 1

Chinatown Storm                Series Regular              CCTV 8

Mary and Rhoda                      Co-Star                       ABC

Third Watch                              Co-Star                      NBC



Cathedral                     Will/Young Jake        Manhattan Theatre Source

Dead Boy                             Will Draper                  NJ Rep & Key West

An American Family               Hymie                          Theatre Four

Dewpoint                                Grant                          Hudson Guild

Mutant Sex Party                     Clay                     The Drilling Company

Romeo and Juliet                   Romeo                     Red Circle Theatre

Tune Up                                 Charley                       Actors Studio



Scene Study                                                                    Mimi Lieber

Scene Study                            Tom Irwin                    Steppenwolf West

Advanced Scene Study       Wynn Handman                                  

Meisner (2 Years)              Suzanne Esper            William Esper Studio

Acting Technique             Barbara Marchant        Mason Gross (Rutgers)

Movement                                                      Actor’s Movement Studio

Improvisation                                                       Chicago City Limits



Language: Fluent German, Mandarin (Chinese) Many Dialects;

Improvisation, Physical Comedy, Soccer, Guitar, Bass, Surf, Swim, Skateboard