• C1
스코치 트라이얼

Education:Central  Academy of  drama  performance,film and television performance grade 2012 undergraduate class
Language:fluent in mandarin, cantoness and English(ielts 7 points)
Special features: the violin, piano, host, English and driving
Hobbies: sports, music, learning, travel
Personal works
Film:(sino-us joint venture)after “80” second generation “act the role of the actor Dylan
Tencent’s run in the network the movie “the next second lover” act the role of MAO bamboo
“Live forever” act the role ofing to marek
“White night”act the role of Ferrari
The MV&advertising:”the dream star”
J.D.power jun di auto advertising
Original columns:“Xie Kai Yu ‘s introductions of the world ”series of video
Champ Xie,spent most of his childhood in Vancouver,Canada,but decided raidly after a year of studying Business Administration at Saunders, to Acting in China Download the electricity bill. Fortunately Champ was accepted in both Central Acdademy of Drama of of Beijing&Beijing Film Academy, he chose the first one. He finished filling about 5 internet/non-internet movie after graduation, as a bilingual Actor/Host, he’s Confident in the future challenges.

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