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Giselle Chia is a Malaysian born Chinese actress, singer who supports the blue sea and environmental anti-pollution 자바 책. Her style of Aqua-pop music has granted her as the siren of the sea. Her most famous song about 0.1billion clicks online is called “Tide” which is used as one of the soundtracks in the web film of “To See A Mermaid” Download open office.

In 2011, she started as 3 girls band “X-Queen” in Asia after shooting the”Outer space of blue” underwater reality show in Philippines as an on-screen producer for FashionOne TV and she moved to China 레트로아크 다운로드. After 2years, her first solo digital album “another world” was released in China. Her team created a mermaid dance on stage for the song of “another world” Asian Linux. Although she holds the bachelor of finance degree, Giselle has been familiar with stage performances since young as a ballerina dancer for 11 years and works as a model since 17 years old Let's follow the cat sounds. She has done many commercials, movies and drama series before. She currently lives in Beijing where recently she just broke into one of the big blockbusters, 1.2billion box office in China, “The Monkey King 2” co-starring with big stars Gongli, Aaron Kwok and etc, as second female lead “bat demon” role.

Movies/ short films

The Monkey King 2

The 3D Lover

Campus Heroes

Diary of The Haunted House

Twilight 19:05

I Love Wing Chun

TV/Web Series


It’s summer time

Commercial ads

Panasonic LUMIX GF series and TZ series

Watsons VIP card

Caltrade Plus

Reality show

Outer space of blue






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