Height: 6’3,Weight: 215,Hair: Brown,Eyes: Brown

  • Brad’s Status
  • UnHollywood
  • Ringside
  • LA LOL
  • Walk Through the Bible
  • The Dead Party
TV Show:
  • A Fabulous Life
  • Black Dossier
  • You Can do Better

Strong actor with a great range and many looks as well as fluent in 5 languages. Ivan recently starred in “Brad’s Status”, an American comedy by director Mike White starring Ben Stiller, Michael Sheen, Jenna Fisher and Luke Wilson. He has also starred as a Super Villain on TV series “Black Dossier” as Mr. Morgan and is currently filming “Unhollywood” as Russian gangster Nikolaj by Director Seraphim Aun Weor and plays “Mr Fabulous” (Voltaire) in new webseries “A Fabulous” life but Director Shari Thakar. Ivan is the definition of ethnically ambiguous as he has been cast as an Afghan fighter for tv series Shooter, a caucasian corporate banker for the “365 crew”, a European director for short “The Dead Party” and many more.

Training: Jack Waltzer master class and private coaching. Brian Reise master class and private coaching. Actively training with Deryn Warren as acting coach for private lessons and ongoing classes.

Notes depending on role: Engaging, funny and warm personality, Professional and fun to be around. Great smile and engaging eyes. Can play both dramatic and comedic roles with a wide range of looks and accents.

French: Fluent English: Fluent Mandarin: Fluent speaking (HSK lvl.4) Spanish/Italian: Conversational (working proficiency) Croatian/Serbian: Conversational

Athletics and other skills: ex professional tennis player and very good at most sports including soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, pingpong, swimming, ski, snowboard, ice hockey, roller hockey, boxing, badminton. Gamer (especially RPGs) , adventurer (been to over 80 countries hiked many mountains and been to every environment).