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Kent was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He had a comfortable yet at times troubled childhood growing up in the suburbs of North Vancouver where he showed no propensity for a career in the entertainment industry.

After graduating university with a degree in Psychology, Kent changed his path and started his career as an actor. It wasn’t long before he booked a number of roles while living in Vancouver. Most notable include his role of Jack in the indie feature film John Apple Jack. The film went on to grace the screens of numerous film festivals all over the world. It was however at the California Independent Film Festival (CAIFF) where Kent was nominated alongside previous Oscar winner Richard Dreyfus for a best actor award in a lead role for his portrayal of Jack.

Another notable role includes the role of Russell in the Canadian TV show The Switch.

In 2015 Kent moved to China to further pursue his career as an actor and it is through his journey in China where he became an international star. In 2016 Kent played the role of Adam in the Pakistani feature film Chalay Thay Saath. As the male lead of the film, Kent became the first ethnically Chinese actor to play a lead role in Pakistani film history. The film was touted as the most anticipated Pakistani film in recent years and Kent’s involvement was an undeniable contribution. The film went on to beat audience expectations and Kent’s strong performance in the role was a common theme throughout many film-critics’ reviews.

Kent has now worked in countries all over the world, including Chile, New Zealand, Pakistan, Thailand, China and of course Canada.

Throughout the years, Kent has also involved himself behind the camera as a writer, editor, director, and producer. Despite his love and passion for acting, Kent also has a deep passion for film making as a whole. He plans to one day use his experiences as an actor to write and direct his own feature films.


Chalay Thay Saath

The Switch



Umer Adil/Hot Water Bottle Films

Jem Garrard/Trembling Void Studios Ltd.

Untitled Stories of the ER Principal Allan Harmon/TLC
Secret Beach Lead Milton Ng/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Project Ego Principal Angel Alvarez/DownForwardPunch Ent.
The Switch (pilot) Recurring Monika Mitchell/Trembling Void Studios Ltd.
MultipOh Lead Kent S. Leung/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Bloody Knuckles Principal Matt O’Mahoney/Cat Be Unemployed Prods.
John Apple Jack Lead Monika Mitchell/JohnAppleJack Prods.
The Cover Up Supporting Erick Boychuk/Spitshine Flicks Inc.
Jackie the Progressive Drug Dealer Lead Milton Ng/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Neighborhood Security Lead Milton Ng/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Dim Sum Noodle Lead Milton Ng/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Bubble Tea Lead Milton Ng/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Kitchen Fires Lead Milton Ng/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Jackie Lays the Mack Lead Milton Ng/DownForwardPunch Ent.
Calculove Lead Daniel Kim
Recyclops (short) Lead Jeremy Abbott/Red Planet Pictures
Telus Inhouse Video Principal Blink Media Works
Idiots Product & Money 2 Lead Jefferson Messidor/IP & M Films Ltd.
Untitled Stories of the ER Actor David Maser/TLC
Idiots Product & Money Lead Ana Carrizales/High Def.Prods.
House Party (web series) Lead Justin Janzen & Mike Fournier
Complicity Supporting Dylan Adkins /Zut Alors Productions
Azn Lifestyles TV Lead/Host Kevin Li/Little Ram Productions



Banana Boys Staged Reading Lead Rick Tae



Professionals Foundry/Scene Study Matthew Harrison Actor’s Foundry
Scene Study Ben Ratner
Private Coaching Craig March
Acting Workshop – Weekend Intensive The Core Tom Todoroff Beaumont Studios
Audition Intensive (Film/TV) Daniel Bacon The Audition Room/VAS
Audition Intensive (Film/TV) Michael Coleman The Audition Room
Acting Fundamentals Jeb Beach Actor’s Foundry



Fluent in English, Conversational Cantonese, Conversational Mandarin

Competed in USA National Cheerleading Competition (as a member of the UBC Varsity Team)

Member of the champion team in 2002-2003 Gymnastics Provincial Championships

Gymnastics, Break-Dancing, Beat-Boxing, Tricking, Snowboarding