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Born in Mainland China, at 4 years of age Ludi followed his mother to Hong Kong to broaden his horizon 도모구이. At 9, Ludi was sent abroad to boarding schools across Australia where he spent the bulk of his youth. In the final year of High-school, Ludi emigrated to Canada where he graduated and entered the prestigious University of British Columbia where he began his study in Theatre Performance Ajitok. Besides achieving remarkable performances in theatre, Ludi also studied in Los Angeles in Film and TV acting, also with the urging of his mother, he added a Bachelor Degree in Dietetics and further studies in Medicine 파이썬 사진. Ludi Lin is a educated and dedicated actor with fluency in multiple languages and dialects and a rich body of life experience.


My Roman Holiday (2013)                 Lead                      XiAn Suobao

Monster Hunter (2013)                      Lead                EDKO Distribution

Transformers 4 Talent Contest (2013)Top 3                        CCTV

My Design, My CS (2013)                  Lead                       Travel China

I’m  Sorry, I Love You(2013)            Principle                  Hairun Media

Crookbook (2012)                             Lead                GuiLo Production

Crazy in Love (2012)                         Lead                    Dir Li Long Yue  

Driving to Vancouver(2012)               Host                     GuangDong TV

Holiday Spin (2012)                         Principle                    Lifetime TV

Level Up King of 2000! (2012)                                Actor                  Cartoon Network

Anchoring in Seattle (2012)               Actor                  DIr Xue Xiao Lu

Broken Sword (2012)                         Lead                 Dir Pat McEleney

Paul Filek: Falling For You MTV (2012) Lead         Spotlight Productions

Untold Stories of the ER (2011)          Actor                Dir Allan Harmon



Theatre Performance                   UBC                                      B.A Download Universe Sandbox 2.

Scene Study                         Haven Studios                        Ben Ratner

Audition Coaching               Private Coaching              Andrew MacIlroy

Scene Study                      Lyric School of Acting              Frank Cassini

Voice                                    Private Coaching                  Gayle Murphy

Movement                            Private Coaching             Catherine Bernett


Special Skills

Languages: Fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese 4k test video. Accents: Australian, Asian, American.        

Martial Arts: Professional Muay Thai, Advanced Jiu Jit Tsu, Acrobatic Kungfu, Broad Sword 커맨드 앤 컨커.

Sports: Sprinting, Gymnastics, Yoga, Snowboarding, Skateboarding

Dance: Contemporary, Hip Hop.