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  • 演员马泰 视频综合 Matthew Knowles Reel
  • 《翻滚吧!螃蟹!》微电影
  • 《超越人生》主演:马泰,张琳娜 Transmigration- Soul in Limbo
  • 马泰 视频综合 Reel - Matthew Knowles
  • 马泰主持 - 菲律宾旅游节目 Philippines Travel Series
  • 马泰在电视上唱中文歌综合 Matthew Knowles


Matthew currently lives and works out of Beijing, China. He has the unique opportunity to be the recipient of a Chinese Government Scholarship to be the first Caucasian to ever study acting at Beijing Film Academy.  Matthew was most recently featured in the movie “Time to Show” which hit theaters all over China in May of 2013.  He also played a small role in the Hollywood movie “Vikingdom” which hit screens in the USA October 4th, 2013. Most recently he finished filming as the leading male for the short “Transmigration” based out of Hong Kong.

Matthew was born in South Carolina and attended Clemson University where he graduated in 2008 with a BS in Civil Engineering while lettering for the Division 1 Varsity Football team. After graduation Matthew wanted to “give back” so he raised money and moved to arguably the poorest part of rural China for two years where he became a volunteer teacher for the local children. 

Matthew’s career in the entertainment industry began when he moved to Singapore and signed with Phantom Talent. Shortly thereafter, Acting, TV Hosting and Modeling opportunities meant that Matthew would be called to Philippines, Malaysia, and eventually back to China. 

After a brief taste of Hollywood filming as a featured extra for the Hollywood/KRU studios conjunction film “Vikingdom”, Matthew returned to China where he signed as the first foreign artiste with perhaps the most influential agency in Western China.

Utilizing his prior experience and fluency of Mandarin Chinese he has successfully become a personality known mostly for his acting, hosting and appearances in more than 20 television shows and series across China. Because of his fluency in both Chinese and English, Matthew is currently one of the most popular foreign hosts in Western China. 

Matthew lived in Chengdu, Sichuan for two years where he hosted the weekly travel and news TV show “This is Chengdu” all the while honing his acting skills by taking part in a large range of movies, short films, TV series, advertisements and other entertainment ventures. 


Matthew’s passion for acting was cultivated during his time in Asia and he currently resides and pursues acting opportunities based out of Beijing.



MACAU FIGHTING    Emma (Supporting)             Dir.  Long Sun

VIKINGDOM         Warrior (Preferred Extra)    Dir. Yusry Abd Halim     

TIME TO SHOW         Contestant (Cameo)              Dir.  Qian Lu Jie



THERE WILL BE BLOOD        Samuel (Lead)          Dir.  Fu Jing Yang

CODY & SKIP                          Lead                           Dir. Ming Li 

TRANSMIGRATION               Chasworth (Lead)       Dir. Mark Sung

SAVE THE PANDAS!               Lead                          Dir.  Wu Xiao Dong

NOT SHORT OF MONEY       Lead                           Dir. Yu Ti Yue

PIXIAN DOUBAN                     Lead                           Dir. Yan Jing Xia 



RED SORGHUM (红高粱)      AP Press Reporter     Dir. Zheng Xiao Long

BIG SISTER’S STORE            Boyfriend                   CDTV5

THIS IS CHENGDU            

Role: Weekly Host

News and Travel show that airs weekly on Chengdu TV Channel 1 in China.  

HAPPY BIRDS           

Role: Host / Gladiator  

Matthew appeared every episode of the 10 episode season on the hit show “Happy Birds” best described as a mix between Wipeout and American Gladiators that broadcast nationally on Sichuan TV. 


Role: Contestant (Top 13)  

Known to some as the American Idol for foreign students in China. Matthew finished in the Top 13 Nationally on the hit television show featuring foreign language students displaying their acting, singing, and Chinese speaking abilities.  Broadcast Nationally on CCTV4. 


Role: Feature  

Show on Chengdu TV Channel 5 that featured Matthew’s life and work in Chengdu, China. 


Role: Regular Supporting host

Talk show on Beijing TV discussing life and work in Beijing and greater China. 


Role: Feature

Show on Beijing TV featured Matthew singing and telling his story of his life in China. 


Role: Feature 

Show on CCTV4 to be broadcast during the Chinese New Year featuring the top personalities of 2012. Matthew was one of three foreign talents featured singing the song “Chinese Kungfu.” 


Role: Cameo / 3 time contestant 

Wipeout style show that broadcast nationally on Sichuan TV.


Role: Male Panel

       Matthew appeared in 4 episodes of the nationally broadcast dating show.


Role: Featured guest

       Nationally broadcast dating show.


Role: Host 

Online travel show based out of Manila, Philippines.


Role: Guest Host 

Travel and Culture show that airs on GMA News TV Channel 11 Manila, Philippines.


Role: Featured Performer  (Champion)

Weekly Champion for the hit singing show broadcasted nationally on SichuanTV.


Role: Recurring Guest 

Pop Culture show that airs daily on Sichuan TV Channel 2.


Role: Top 50 Contestant

Matthew was the only foreigner who participated in the Top Host Competition TV Show and he still managed to finish in the Top 50 amongst a sea of Chinese.  Broadcasted on Chengdu TV Channel 1.


Host (MC of Event)

2012 Hengxin Celebrity Concert (35k attendance)

2012 Kangding Love Song Music Festival (20k attendance)

2012 Chengdu Culture Festival Opening Ceremonies (10k attendance)

2013 Guanghan International Model Charity Auction

2013 Zhong Ying Group World Super Model Charity Night

2013 Yanlord Wine Gala

2013 Renheng Opening Ceremony

2012 FCC Wine Collectors Banquet

2012 Italian State Banquet

Woman’s Beauty Club (4 cities)

Zhaojing Beauty Product Endorsement

Mango Club Opening Ceremonies

2010 Pioneers International Conference



Beijing Film Academy – Acting – Full-Scholarship Year Program in Chinese (current)

       First White person to ever study acting at the Academy.

Private Acting Tutor – Romouldo Tejada (PETA) – Manila, Philippines

Chinese Language and Culture – 4 years classroom and private tutoring, China

BS Civil Engineering – Clemson University, USA


Special Skills

Singing, Martial Arts, College Football, Rugby, Climbing, Backpacking, Sports, Dancing

Languages:  English (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (fluent), Spanish (conversational)



2013 Men’s Health China Team Player Award (Top 7 Nationally)

2012 Chinese Bridge Competition (Top 13 Nationally)

2013 You Can (Month Champion)

2012 Want to Sing (Week Champion)

2012 China National Rugby Runner-up (Chengdu Pandas)

Advertisements (Pepsi, HTC, Men’s Health)