• 高雅如 重庆卫视奇迹梦工厂合集

She is a director, actor, and drama trainer. After she received her bachelor’s degree in law in China, she went to France to study drama and film performance, and she could perform in English, French, Chinese and shaanxi Download english subtitles.

During the stay in France, while taking the formal drama course, She also entered the special improvisation school to study. She took part in a series of French short films and flat films, and made two short films, including “untouchables”, which was shortlisted for the 2014 Beijing university student film festival 오늘도 환생.

After returning to China in 2013, she was selected to be the top 10 of the global audited girls group of the “transformers 4”, and the “miracle dreamworks” national 18 and zhang han’s group after Apple Music termination. He also directed the latest short film, “the color of enron”.

Height: 1 63

Weight: 48 kg

I love FOLK dance, and I am creative photography

Sports taijiquan (3 years) is a game playing badminton

Language: shaanxi dialect, French English