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Birthdate: February 6, 1985

Height: 175cm

Weight: 75kg

The most legendary young martial artist of China, combat artist, filmmaker Download the net framework. When he studied film production in England, he started to teach martial arts in London. His übermensch sensibility and superhuman martial arts fitness training has earned him many fans 다크 엔젤. His self-directed movie “King of the streets” in addition to obtaining a good box office had successful global DVD sales and was a big hit on Netflix (US) Ubisoft.

His second film, “Snow Warrior” has been called frightening and unique biographical films by the industry.

Known as “the closest to Bruce Lee’s martial artist” and “Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan combination” 카카오톡 쿠폰.

Stunt: Index Finger Handstand, Flip Seven Meters, Seven Hand Volley, The bullet Cun Quan, Bare hands, Sharp twelve leg.

Skills: Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Firearms mnist 데이터 다운로드.

During the shooting of “The BodyGuard” Director YueSong practiced martial arts over without interruption for six months. In addition to his training, he has abstained for 12 months for maximize results.

“The BodyGuard” was hailed by the Japanese film critic as “Asia’s best Kung Fu movies in 20 years”.

More vicious than the “ONG BAK”, more violent than “The Raid”, unrivaled real Kung Fu, unimaginable martial arts design, incredible glass slide show.

2006 Short Films “Hunted”, “Singled Out” – Director (London, England)

2007 Short Film “Kill Dance” – Director, Actor (London, England)

2008 Training Videos “Chinese Kung Fu Kid Shocks the World”, “Street Fighting”

2009 Kung Fu Short Film “Zhan Shen Shi Jian” (uncompleted) – Director, Actor

2012 China First Street Combat Films “King of Streets” Director, Actor

2013 Kung Fu Short Film “Snow Warrior” (uncompleted) – Director, Actor

2016 The BodyGuard