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Aymerick PILARSKI is a French cinematographer based in Beijing for almost 10 years. He studied film in Paris, visual arts in Melbourne, and graduated from the prestigious Beijing Film Academy. Fluent in English, Mandarin and French, language skills enable him to work on Chinese local productions as well as international co-productions. He has worked with world acclaimed actors such as Nicolas Cage and Matt Damon and renowned directors such like Zhang Yimou and Nicholas Powell. His recent works include an independent French-Chinese coproduction and a Chinese-Korean coproduction. Aymerick is currently working between Beijing, Bangkok and Paris. A selection of his work includes:

Feature Films

  • 2018.01-02  Drama
    Chinese Feature Film “Öndög”, directed by acclaimed Chinese director Wang Quan An, filmed in Mongolia
  • 2017.10-12 Thriller / Action / Comedy
    Chinese Feature Film “Tattoo”, directed by Lu Yitong, starring renowned martial art actor Vincent Zhao, French Parkour pioneer David Belle and MMA fighter Yi Long, filmed in Xiang Shan
  • 2017.04-05 Period /Drama
    Thai French Co-Production “Siam”, directed by Tom Waller, starring Vithaya Pansringarm(Only God Forgives),produced by De Warrenne Pictures, filmed in Bangkok
  • 2017.02 Family Theme / ComedyFrench Chinese Co-Production “Uta”, directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky, produced by Wanda Pictures, filmed in Shanghai
  • 2016.10-12 Period /Action
    Chinese Film “Tibet Soul”, directed by Ma Zhong Xuan, filmed in Xiangshan
  • Exile, directed by Yang Haoyu (China-Korea), screening in 2016
  • 2015.06-07 Fantastic / Adventure
    Chinese American Co-production “The Great Wall”, directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe, Andy Lau, filmed in Qingdao, Beijing
  • 2014.11-12 Drama
    French Chinese Co-Production “Du coeur a l’ame”, directed by Yi ZHENG, produced by CDP Catherine Dussart Productions and Beijing YueZhong Pictures, Lu Yue artistic consultant, filmed in Guangxi (selected at the 2017 Tokyo International Film Festival)
  • 2014.04-05 Thriller
    Chinese KoreanCo-Production “Refugee”, directed by YANG Haoyu, Changjiang Production Co. , Ltd, filmed in Beijing and Inner Mongolia
  • 2013.09-11 Adventure/ Action 
    Canadian-French-Chinese Co-Production “Outcast”, directed by Nick Powell, starring Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen, filmed in Hebei
  • 2012.04-05 Drama
    Chinese Feature Film “The Next 11 Days”, directed by CHEN Guoxing and WANG Xiaolie,  produced by Bona Film Group, filmed in Guangzhou (selected at the 2013 Beijing International Film Festival )
  • 2011.09-10 Drama
    Chinese Feature Film “Wings”, directed by YANG Yazhou, produced by Zhong Meng Century Media (Beijing), filmed in Beijing (selected at the 2012 Montreal World Film Festival)
  • 2011 Vegetate, directed by Wang Jing, Best Script Shanghai Film Festival 2011


  • 2016.05 L’Oreal Commercial, directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky, filmed in Paris
  • 2015.10 BD Foods Limited Commercial, directed by Bangladeshi renowned director Anam Biswas, filmed in Bangladesh
  • 2014.03 Series of short commercials/documentaries “Hopes and Dreams” for CICC (China Intercontinental Communication Center), directed by British director Daryl Goodrich,  co-produced by Mandarin Films, filmed in Tianjin and Beijing
  • 2014.09 Commercial for China Union Pay, directed by Daryl Goodrich, filmed in Paris
  • Huawei, directed by Georg Warga (Goodstein) (Austria)

Music Video and Live Shows

  • Hong-Kong Singer G.E.M’s concert, directed by Jeff Nicholas, produced by Apple Inc.  , filmed in Beijing Workers’ Stadium
  • Music Video “Original Painting” for Chinese Singer Uta (XUAN Lingmu), directed by Christopher Doyle, filmed in Los Angeles
  • Canadian pianist, Carlo Aspri, directed by Aymerick Pilarski (Canada)

Webseries and TV shows

  • English Chinese Short Film “Black Mountain”, directed by Luo Min, produced by the British Royal Academy of Arts, filmed in Chongqing
  • French webserie “Ex-Model” season 2, directed by Emmanuel Sapolsky, produced by Youku and Drunken Dragon (2015 Paris International Webserie Festival Best Webserie Award)
  • Beauty Academy, directed by Alexis de Gemini (France-China)