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• 15 years working experience in China

• Experienced with film and video camera operating

Documentary, Corporate, News Credits

From 1990 to 2004 cameraman/editor for ABC News in Beijing Download OneFun Man Annie.

Since leaving ABC in September of 2004, Rick’s corporate clients include Pepsi, Conoco, Maersk and the International School of Beijing. Rick has also shot documentaries and news for all of the major networks in China (Discovery, National Geographic, NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN, CTV, PBS, WLS) 웹툰 라스트.

While at ABC Rick shot news stories on a wide range of topics all over the world. He worked for all of ABC’s news programs (World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Nightline with Ted Koppel, Good Morning America.)

Before Rick joined ABC he worked at ESPN in Los Angeles where he was the cameraman on a 3 man team that won the National Sports Emmy of the Year v앱 영상 다운로드.

Rick have also shot mountain climbing and scuba diving stories.

Recent Shoots

Wanda Ski (Alexa 3D 4k) (Commerical) (2013)

Director of Photography / Steadicam

Director Daniel Jeannette

Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changbaishan, Beijing

For Pixomondo/Wanda

Mercedes Benz S400 (Shanghai Auto Show Video) (Epic) (2013)

Director of Photography


Dove Chocolate (Alexa) (Commercial/Music Video) (2014)


Director Vaughan Arnell

Director of Photography Callan Green

Singapore Changji Airport (Sony F5) (Commercial) (2014)

Director of Photography

Director Yang Rui


The Monk (Alexa) (Feature Film)(2014)


Director Chen Kaige

Director of Photography Geoffery Simpson, ACS


后会无期 Hou Hui Wuqi (Until We Never Meet Again) (Alexa) (Feature Film) (2014)


Director  韩寒 (Han Han)

Director of Photography Huang Ran

Nike Lebron James High Speed Dunk (Commercial) (3 x Epics) (2013)

Director of Photography

Director Damien Evans

Forbidden City, Beijing

Streets of Fury (Amusement park video for Wanda) (Epics, 3D) (2013)

Steadicam / Camera Operator

Director Gary Hymes

Director of Photography Davy Tsou


Motion Picture Credits

The Bride With The White Hair (Epic) (Feature Film) (2012)

Camera Operator/Steadicam

Director Jacob Cheung

Director of  Photography Ardy Lam

Beijing / Wu Dang Shan

My Lucky Star (Alexa) (Feature Film) (2012)


Director Dennie Gordon

Direcor of Photography Armando Salas


The Silent War (2011) (Arri Alexa)

Steadicam/B Camera

Director Alan Mak

Director of Photography  Anthony Poon

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Calling (2011) (Red)

Steadicam/B Camera

Director Daniel Hsia

Director of Photography Armando Salas

Shanghai, China

Fei Cheng Wu Rao 2 (2010) (Sony F-35 Feature)

Steadicam/B Camera

Director Feng Xiangang

Director of Photography Lu Yue

Sanya, Hainan; Beijing, China

The Karate Kid, (2009) (35mm Feature)

Steadicam/Camera Operator 2nd Unit

Director Harald Zwart

Director of Photography Roger Pratt

Beijing; Wudang Shan; Hua Shan; Guilin, China

Walking The Dead, (2009) (HD Feature Film)

A-Camera, Steadicam

DirectorMelanie Ansley

Huang Shan, Anhui

Sophie’s Revenge (Feature starring Zhang Ziyi) (35mm) (2008)

B-Camera, Steadicam

Director of Photography Armando Salas

Bangzi Lao HuJi (Dangerous Games), Steadicam, Director Wang Guangli, (HD) (2007)

Mianzi, DP, A Short Film by Director Larry Sullivan  (HD) (2007)

Iron Road (Feature Film, Hengdian, Zhejiang, China) (35mm) (2007)

B-Camera operator

Director David Wu

Karmic Mahjong (Feature Film) (35mm) (2005)


Director Wang Guangli

Ten Minutes Older: One Hundred Flowers, Steadicam, Director Chen Kaige, (China) (35mm) (2002)

Hongkong Shanghai Bank (HSBC), Behavior, Steadicam, Director Kevin Thomas (35mm) (Tokyo) (2002)

Learning Curve, Steadicam, Director Eric Schwab, (35mm) Los Angeles) (1998)

Commercials and Music Videos

3D/Steadicam Short Film for the Internet (Sept., 2013) (Short 3D Film) ( Two Epics, Cooke Lenses)

Director of Photography & Steadicam Operator

Director Zhang Ming


Chinese Health Administration Anti Smoking  (Commercial) (2013) (Epic)

Director of Photography

Director Liu Haoyang


Li Ning Shoes “Superlight” (Commercial) (Epic) (2013)



Johnny Walker “Keep Walking” (Commercial) (Epic) (2013)



Coke Special Effects (Commercial) (Epic) 2012)


Director Karl Von Moller


Alex Gao Wei Xin (Music Video) (Red One) (2012)

Director of Photography

Director Hugo Tickler


Boree Shoe (Commercial) (Epic) (2012)

Director of Photography

Director Tiger Zhou


Mont Blanc Fashion Show (C300) (2012)



BMW Desert Race (Commercial) (Red) (2011)



Chaozhou Theme Park (Commercial) (Red) (2011)

Director of Photography

Director Brent Young  2012

Changzhou 오디오 코덱. China

Proctor and Gamble Musion Effect (Red) (2010)

Director of Photography


The Terra Cotta Soldiers for Royal Ontario Museum (Red) (2010)

Director of Photography/Steadicam

Director Rob McMahon

Xian, China

HP Greenscreen Commercial (2010)

Director of Photography

Director Simon Lee


Johnson and Johnson BJ Olympic Video (2008)

Director of Photography/Steadicam


Bayer Health Care Internet Commercial (2008)

Director of Photography/Steadicam

Director Cory Vietor

Jack Morton/Eastline Advertising

(HD) 2008

Gao Pang Zi Cooking Show for Golden Seas Production (2008)

Dierctor of Photography

Directed by Stephen Webb


Hongkong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) (35mm) (2000)


Director Kevin Thomas


Ford Motors Corporate Film, Hello/Goodbye (35mm) (1999)



Other Director of Photography/Steadicam Operator Credits

“China Water”, ITV for Discovery, (HD) Fall of 2010

“Shanghai Transportation Hub”, ITV for Discovery, (HD) Spring of 2010

“Beijing Subways”, Granada TV for Discovery, (HD) (2008)

NBC Olympics Unit coverage of the Beijing Olympics, (HD) (August, 2008)

“Quake Pandas Hanging On” National Geographic (HD) (2008)

“Gao Pang Zi Cooking Show”, for Golden Seas Production, Directed by Stephen Webb db blob 다운로드. (HD) (2008)


I have 3 Emmys from the National Academy of Televisions Arts & Sciences 파이썬 스파이더.

Other Credits

Kite Runner, Behind scenes documentary (China) (2006)

Kill Bill , Behind the scenes documentary (China)