Rodney Charters was born in 1948 in New Zealand. He is a cinematographer and director, known for 24 (2001), Friday’s Curse (1987) and 24 (2008) before eyes.

Member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) since 2004.

Rodney Charters, ASC, CSC honored with ASC Career Achievement in Television Award in 2013 에펙 2018.

With seven directing credits and fifty-one film and television projects for which he acted as cinematographer and executive producer,Rodney Charters (ASC, CSC) is one of the most prolific and respected cinematographers working in the movie and television industries today 1 million Hearthstone. On February 10, 2013, in the Grand Ballroom of the Hollywood and Highland Center, the American Society of Cinematographers a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the art of filmmaking, honored his achievements by presenting him with The Career Achievement in Television Award 100-year-old college.


THE ROOKIE Longform Internet Drama (Webisodes/Commercial) “24”/Degree Antiperspirant/2007/2008
24 (3 eps.)  FBC/Fox/2002, 03, 04
ROSWELL (2 eps.) WB/Regency-Fox/2000-2001
THE PRETENDER(5eps ftp 에서 파일 다운로드.) NBC/Fox-MTM/1998-2000
HERCULES Universal/Renaissance/Synd./1997

TELEVISION EPISODIC- Director of Photography

24 (Dir: Stephen Hopkins, James Whitmore, Jr.) FOX/Fox/Imagine/2001-2010
Shameless (Dir: Mark Mylod) Showtime/2011
ROSWELL (Dir: James Whitmore, Jr./David Nutter, etc.) WB/Regency-Fox/2000-2001
THE PRETENDER (Dir: James Whitmore, Jr./Scott Lautanen, etc.) NBC/MTM/1997-2000
NASH BRIDGES (14 1 hour eps) (Dir: Peter Werner/Greg Beeman) CBS/Rysher/D. Johnson/1996
PROFIT (pilot) (Dir: Robert Iscove) Fox/1996
MANTIS (22 1 hour eps) (Dir: David Nutter/Rob Bower/Kim Manners) Fox/1995,94
TRAPS (6 1 hour eps) (Dir: Rob Bowman/Dennis Dugan/Chris Leech) CBS/1994
THE HAT SQUAD (13 1 hour eps) (Dir: Rob Bowman/Kim Manners) CBS/1992
NIGHTMARE CAPE (5 1 hour eps) (Dir: Wes Craven) NBC/1991
FLY BY NIGHT (6 I hour eps) (Dir: Stuart Gillard) CBS/1992,91
SCALES OF JUSTICE (2 1 hour eps) (Dir: David Cronenberg) CBC/1991
FRIDAY THE 13TH (72 eps) (Dir: David Cronenberg/ various) Paramount/1989,88,87
ADDERLY (21 1 hour eps) (Dir: various) CBS/1987,86

FEATURES- Director of Photography

THE INTERN (Dir: Michael Lange) Independent/Given Films/1999
KULL THE CONQUEROR (Dir: John Nicolella) Universal/1997
SLEEPWALKERS (Dir: Mick Garris) Columbia/1993
CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU? (Dir: Bill Fishman) Orion/1992
PSYCHO IV (Dir: Mick Garris) Universal/1990

TELEVISION LONGFORM- Director of Photography

24 REDEMPTION (Dir Jon Cassar) FOX 2008
ZACH BRAFF PILOT (Dir Zach Braff) ABC/2008
MOLLY: AN AMERICAN GIRL (Dir. Joyce Chopra) Warner Brothers/2006
A VERY MARRIED XMAS (Dir. Tom Mclaughlin) CBS/2005
VIRTUAL PERFECTION (Dir. Mark Lidde) Disney Channel/2004
SOUNDER (Dir. Kevin Hooks) ABC/2003
A RING OF ENDLESS LIGHT (Dir. Greg Beeman) Disney Channel/2001
WILD HORSES (Dir: Greg Beeman) Disney Channel/1999
BRINK (Dir: Greg Beeman) Disney/Mandeville/1998
BLIND FAITH (Dir: Ernest Dickerson) Showtime/Dufferin Gate/1997
LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON (Dir: Brian Dennehey) CBS/Carla Singer/1997
CONNUNDRUM (Dir: Douglas Barr) Showtime 1995
PROFIT ( 2 hour pilot) (Dir: Robert Iscove) Fox/1995
THE COMMISH I & II (Dir: Scott Brazil.Miles Watkins) Fox/1995
DEADLY VOWS (Dir: Alan Metzger) Fox/1994
THE BABYMAKER (Dir: Arlene Sanford) CBS/1993
TEKWAR (Dir: William Shatner) Universal/Atlantis/1993
HEAVEN ON EARTH (Dir: Allan Kroeker) BBC/CBC


JURI MUSIC (1 hour)

WOMEN OF THE WORLD (4x 1 hour)