Sean is a Los Angeles and Beijing based Cinematographer. Son of a renowned DP, the late James O’Dea, Sean spent his childhood learning from his father while traveling with him around the world Cartrider Hack. In 1988 upon completion of his B.F.A. degrees from the University of Michigan in Film and German, Sean moved to Los Angeles. There he began his tenure as a Director of Photography shooting commercials and music videos 유튜브 레드 동영상. In 2005 he shot his first feature Red Sands with director Alex Turner. In 2009 Sean first worked in China and has been studying Mandarin ever since. He currently spends his time working back and forth between long form and commercials Download logistics manager.

Sean has been a member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 since its founding in 1996, and is represented by Dattner Dispoto and The KO Talent Agency in Asia Kursk.

He has earned a number of prestigious awards including the 华表奖HuaBiao (best Picture The Police Diary) 五个一 WuGeYi (best picture The Police Diary) CLIO, AICP, AdWeek and two Gold and a silver Lion at Cannes for work within his impressive list of nearly 900 commercials and music videos 미니탭 무료. Focusing on high-end spots, he shoots brands including Coca-Cola, Ford, Mercedes, Buick, Visa, McDonald’s and Gatorade.

2017 Life as a Butterfly Director: Ning Ying
2016 Yolk Man Director: Huang Chen
2015 Martyrs Director: Kevin and Michael Goetz
2014 Romance out of the Blue Director: Ning Ying
2013 Scenic Route Director: Kevin & Michael Goetz
2012 Police Diary Director: Ning Ying
2011 Night Blooming Director: Liu FenDou
2010 Mischief Night Director: Travis Baker
2009 Kong Fu Man Director: Ning Ying & Yuen CheungYan
2005 Red Sands   Director: Alex Turner