• Andy Cheng Showreel

Andy Cheng Kai-Chung was born in Hong Kong and began to pursue his passion for Martial Arts from an early age by studying Tae Kwon Do. In competition, Andy won a gold medal at the Hong Kong International Invitational and then won gold three years in a row between 1988 and 1990 at the Hong Kong Tae Kwon Do Open. His competitive career culminated when he won a bronze medal while representing Hong Kong at the 1991 Asian Games held in Chinese Taipei. After this win, Andy retired from competing Download the scandal.

In 1989 Andy’s skills and talent as a Martial Artist led him to find work in the entertainment industry. He began his career as a contracted Action Artist with

Hong Kong TVB. He left TVB in 1995 when he was invited to join Jackie Chan’s legendary Sing Ga Ban – 成家班 – Stunt Team, working as Jackie Chan’s double and choreographing fight scenes for his international hits, SHANGHAI NOON, RUSH HOUR, RUSH HOUR 2 and others 세무 사랑. In 1998, Andy moved to Hollywood, California when he was asked to work as a fight choreographer on Sammo Hung’s CBS-TV series, MARTIAL LAW.  After the show’s successful first season, Andy decided to remain in the U.S. To pursue his career there.

Working for Warner Bros. Studios, Andy choreographed the final fight sequence for the feature film, WILD, WILD, WEST working closely with the film’s star,

Will Smith Double monitor. He went on to choreograph the action sequences with Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas for BALLISTIC: ECKS VS.SEVER.

Andy was soon hired by Universal Studios to create and direct action needed for reshoots of their blockbuster film, THE SCORPION KING, which starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Next, Andy went on to become the Action Director for two well received TV pilots: BLACK SASH, starring Russel Wong, and then THE CHANG FAMILY SAVES THE WORLD which was produced by The Disney Company for ABC-TV. Andy continued to work for Universal Studios as the Action Director for THE RUNDOWN, directed by Peter Berg. In this action filled feature, Andy helped Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, become an acclaimed action star by showcasing his speed and dexterity rather than just his size and strength. THE RUNDOWN was a hit in US and foreign markets thanks to the incredible,  jaw-dropping action sequences.

Andy’s work in film has been recognized by the stunt and action community, resulting in fourteen nominations for the Taurus World Stunt Awards, the most of any person to date. The first year the awards were held, Andy received three nominations for his work in SHANGHAI NOON. The following year, Andy’s impressive work was nominated in six categories for RUSH HOUR 2, and he took home three of the awards for Best Fight Scene, Best High Work, and also

Best Specialty Stunt. At the 2004 awards, THE RUNDOWN received four nominations thanks to Andy’s work as Action Director and Fight Choreographer. The film went on to win two of these categories. Then in 2008, a film directed by Andy, REDLINE, received a nomination as Best Overall Stunt by a Stunt Woman. The exciting car stunt was choreographed by Johnny Martin, who was not only the Action Director but also the Producer of the film.

As an Action Director, Andy has had the opportunity to work with some of the most esteemed film makers in Hollywood, including Golden Palm winner and two time Oscar Nominee, Director Terrence Malick, and two time Oscar Winning DP, Emmanuel “El Chivo” Lubezki (GRAVITY, BIRDMAN) for New Line Cinema’s THE NEW WORLD starring Colin Farrell. Andy has also worked with legendary horror master, Director Wes Craven on the Miramax Films feature, CURSED.

In 2007, Andy was the Action Director for Summit Entertainment’s blockbuster, vampire film, TWILIGHT, where he created an original and exciting final fight scene that was not included in the original novel.  Director Catherine Hardwicke asked Andy to work with her again in 2010 for her film RED RIDING HOOD, where Andy choreographed practical fight scenes and action as well as action featuring CGI.

Andy has had a long standing, professional relationship with Director / Producer Brett Ratner and his company, RatPac Entertainment, since working on

RUSH HOUR and it’s sequel.  Beyond these films, Andy has worked as the fight choreographer on the upcoming action comedy, BARELY LETHAL, produced by Brett Ratner and starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba. Andy also choreographed action for some of Brett Ratner’s commercials and music videos. In 2005, Brett Ratner signed on as the Executive Producer of Andy’s feature Directorial debut, END GAME, a Nu Image and Millennium Films release, starring Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., two time Oscar nominee James Woods, Oscar nominees Burt Reynolds and Anne Archer, and People’s Choice Award winner Angie Harmon.

Andy followed END GAME up by directing the high octane, action feature REDLINE, starring comedian Eddie Griffin and two time Emmy nominee Tim Matheson. END GAME and REDLINE began a partnership between Andy and the head of Martini Films, Johnny Martin, who was the Producer as well as the ActionDirector on both films. More recently, Andy co-wrote CASE #13, a horror feature that was directed and produced by Johnny Martin. The pair plan on working together again in the future.

With a career rooted in both China and Hollywood, Andy has learned his craft from some of the most highly regarded filmmakers in the world. By taking what he has learned from Hong Kong’s best Action Directors and combining this knowledge with his experience and skill in collaborating with major Hollywood studios and A-list actors, Andy is able to combine the best of both worlds to create films with universal appeal and incredible action.

In his personal life, Andy’s wife Coco was born and raised in Beijing, a place Andy considers his second home. He is fluent in Mandarin as well as Cantonese and English.