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Jie Li graduated from School of Film, Ohio University with a MFA degree in film production(directing track). Her thesis film TWO DAYS IN TOWN was officially selected by Athens International Film and Video Festival, and nominated Best Director and Most Popular Film in San Francisco Asina Students Microfilm Festival Windows 7 usb.

Her first feature film ONLY LOVE CAN DO THAT TO ME was shot in Australia in winter 2015 and now is in post-production. It’s a romantic road film about a nerdy physician tries to win his girlfriend back, with the help from another charming girl Seth English.

Jie was admitted into Renmin University of China, one of the top institutions in China, in 2003, where she spent four years in Broadcast Journalism major, making several award-winning videos and documentaries Download windows 7 movie maker. After she got the BA degree, she decided to switch to Film Production. In 2008, Jie gets the offer from Ohio University, top 8 film school in US, with a full financial aid 사과티비. The life in OU was challenging and exciting, which made her a strong story-teller and an enthusiastic filmmaker.

She took part in the hollywood movie JOBS, which was released in theaters in 2013 Dataset Excel. Meanwhile, Jie’s feature-length script EXCHANGE AS YOU WISH was chosen and bought by the most famous Chinese producer Kuo-Fu Chen, known for The Ghouls Download Windows 8 Minesweeper. So Jie decided to move back to Beijing after 5 years in US.

She finished a few scripts and directed short film THE ELDEST. In 2015, She worked in Yimou Zhang’s hollywood blockbuster GREAT WALL, starring Matt Damon and William Dafoe