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1990-1994 the Beijing central academy of fine arts as an art majoring.

1994-1998 director of the film and television advertising department of Beijing film academy career resume form.

1998-2003  Serve as an advertising director in Shanghai film studio.

He has been a freelance advertising director in Shanghai since 2003 다음팟 동영상.

He has worked as a director in Shanghai for 14 years after graduation.

The director style is humorous and exquisite, good at capturing the person the most real and natural performance Download the Pororo Theater Version Super Sled Adventure. It is one of the most influential advertising directors in China.

Awards and honors:

Electrolux, the “jumping tower” (AD company: LOWE Shanghai), was awarded the bronze lion in cannes, France, in 2006

The 2005 dragon seal advertising festival — silver medal

World Chinese advertising award – bronze medal

Included in the Archive in 2006

In 2006 The Work

In the UK 106 Shots

Inclusion in the German 2005-04 Archive

McDonald’s “6 yuan” breakfast series online advertising (AD agency: DDB Shanghai)

Selected Media’s top 10 online ads of the year

The ford focus “human race car” (JWT Shanghai)

It was awarded the 15th Chinese advertising festival Internet class award in 2008

It was awarded the bronze medal of the dragon seal advertising festival in 2008

Panda car “dummies” (China xuan international)

Won the 16th gold medal of the Chinese advertising festival in 2009

“The violin piece” (advertising firm: publicis Shanghai).

Selected 91 shots

Holiday inn the qin LAN series micro films (advertising company: ogilvy Shanghai)

Received the 2012 Asian real marketing award