• 卢晟导演作品 Here,There
  • 卢晟作品:CHANEL珠宝故事 周迅
  • 卢晟导演作品 俞灏明微电影网络版本
  • ELLE 周迅 (巴黎部分摄影指导:卢晟)
  • 卢晟作品:拳击手的秘密之雪佛莱广告版


Born in Shanghai, China,1978 쇼미더머니4 음원.
Lu Sheng is one of China’s most inspiring young directors and cinematographers. He graduated from IIIS (Institute International de l’Image et du son) in Paris, there he studied the art of Cinematography Download the Unity version. Since 2005 Lu Sheng has been working on several long films as well as documentaries in China. As the Director of Cinematography, he have worked with well-renowned directors such as Jia Zhangke, Yin Lichuan, and Wang Bing, who are widely considered to be China’s most prestigious or promising directors. 


Here,There is Lu Sheng’s directorial début.This film exhibits Lu Sheng’s extraordinary capabilities and sensitivities as a keen yet empathetic observer and artist, to explore complex multiple-thread narratives and to connect the characters with a realistic documentary film style and, at the same time, an exqui- site cinematic style Download it.

Film Festivals and Recognition for Here,There:
2011 China Film Director’s Guild Best Film Award Nomination;

2011 TIFF Tokyo International Film Festival, Wind of Asia, Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award Nomination

2011 Korean BUSAN International Film Festival, A Window of Asia Section;

2011 Canadian Vancouver International Film Festival, Dragons and Tigers Section;

2011 Beijing First Film Festival, Screening Section;

2011  Chinese Young Generation Film Forus, Screening Section;

2012  Beijing College Student Film Festival, Screening Section;

2012 Festival Premiers Plans D’angers, International Screening Section;

2012 American Santa Barbara International Film Festival, International Competitive Section;

2012 Edinburgh International Film Festival, Internationaal Competitive Section;

2012 15th Shanghai International Film Festival, Wind of China Section;

Other Work and associated Recognitions

2009 The Playful Youth as Director of Cinematography, Director:Wang Bing
          2010 13th Shanghai International Film Festival for Best Actress and Best Supporting ActressAward

           2010 47th Taipei Golden Horse Award for Best Actress Award

2008 The Ditch as Director of Cinematography, Director:Wang Bing

          2010 Venezuela  Cinema-Competition         

          2010 Toronto international film festival Official Selection

          2010 65th Venice International Film Festival for Competitive Section

         900 Kilometers

         2008 New York International Independent Film and Video

2006 Ten Years as Director of Cinematograph, Director:Jia Zhangke

         PARK as Director of Cinematography, Director:Yin Lichuan

         2007 Moscow International Film Festival Official Selection

         How is Your Fish Today as Director of Cinematography, Director:Guo Xiaolu            

         2007 International Women Film Festival, Creteil / Paris