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  • BAD KIDS GO TO HELL. 壞孩子下地獄. 預告片

A graduate of Chapman University (Orange, CA) and GNOMON School of Visual FX (Hollywood, CA), Matthew Spradlin immediately moved into CGI and spent several years as a CGI FX Supervisor, working alongside FX award winner Jeff Okun Download the LinkTV movie.

In 2001, not too long after making his first award winning short film, Spradlin also optioned his first screenplay to Kurt Russell’s production company, Heller Highwater Productions Download the telegram sticker.

Spradlin sold his first of two TV shows in 2006, one of which was to SyFy (True Believer/ Rosario Dawson, Exec. Producer), while spending the same year penning a draft of what would become 2009’s biggest selling independent comic book/ graphic novel: Bad Kids Go To Hell Windows 10 kn.

In 2012, Spradlin helmed the feature of Bad Kids Go To Hell, which was released in theaters by PHASE 4 (internationally by Red Sea Media) 기온 데이터 다운로드. As of this year, the movie is one of Netflix’s Top 10 streamed films.

Spradlin is currently developing his second best selling comic book, The Adventures of A ComicCon Girl, into a TV series for MTV 시너지.

Writer:  ‘The Last Fair Deal’ (1995) / Feature Film
Writer/Director: ‘The ThunderPussies’ (2001) / Short Film
Writer/Co-Creator: ‘True Believer’ (SyFy Channel, 2006) / TV Pilot
Writer/Director: ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’ (Phase 4, 2012) / Feature Film
Writer/Co-Creator: ‘Adventures of a ComicCon Girl’ (MTV, 2013) / TV Pilot
Director: ‘The Social Contract’ (2013) / Short Film / (The film has been selected to Cannes Short Film Corner 2014)
Writer/Director: ‘Bad Kids Go 2 Hell’ / aka: ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell 2’ (Phase 4, 2014) / Feature Film