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천하무적 야구단

Shih-Ting Hung is an award winning film and commercial director with a strong eye for art direction. Born and raised on a fishing island off the coast of Taiwan, Hung has painted and drawn since the age of four, dreaming of a Utopia where skies break in half 발디의 수학교실 다운로드.  She left her hometown as a young painter to learn how to make films at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA.

Hung’s first film “VIOLA: the Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant (2008)” was recognized with a Student Academy Award® and subsequently projected as part of digital showcase in New York’s Guggenheim Museum 우분투 파일. Since then she has shot commercials and art projects all over the world. Hung’s multi-cultural experience and a life split between Asia, Europe, and the USA gives her an international perspective from which to tell stories with a unique eye nmap 다운로드.

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