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Tony Wang, a young director, graduated from the Communication University of China, a master’s degree in film creation Stanza. His graduation short film,Time To Die,has been rewarded or nominated for the Taiwan Golden Horse Award, the Pusan International Film Festival, the Chinese Independent Film Festival, the FIRST Youth Film Festival, the Asian Student Film Festival, the Singapore Chinese Film Festival, the Ankara International Film Festival and other Festivals and awards at home and abroad 한글 2016 무료.


As an advertising director, Tong Wang completed a large number of advertising works, including the automobile advertising of Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet, the image propaganda film of CCTV-3,the CCTV Variety Channel, and planning and production of intangible cultural heritage documentary series 어벤져스3.


Tong Wang has also created a movie script, the way, TV scripts, the faith, and dead.

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