• 画丽江
  • 影捉影
  • 问道罗江影记
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Wang got a master’s degree in art from the university of weimenhaus in Germany in 2006 Daedao. He majored in experimental video art from international image master Herbert Wenther.

Intern at ID FILMPRODUKTION in August 2006. October 2006 in Hamburg CHINA TIME activities Adobe Premiere cs6. The company cooperated with FUDE GmbH to produce video and promotional materials for Hamburg and China.

He returned to China in 2007 and worked as a project manager/director and film consultant in Beijing water crystal digital technology co., LTD 윈 10. He is responsible for international image projects such as the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai world expo.

Outside of work, teams make digital movies, documentaries and short films to compete or distribute themselves sbt 다운로드.