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Richard Sontaag is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic composer based in New York. He specializes in writing music for the science fiction and horror genres Freemp3.

“Over the years, working in great studios like Abbey Road, I have developed a unique sound that brings something extra-special to works of science fiction and horror,” Richard says 코어폰트 코어고딕. “Like any soundtrack, my music is designed to support the narrative. But I can bring some special spacey music to a soundtrack where required.”

As part of Sontaag, a progressive music duo Richard formed with legendary British rock journalist Ian Fortnam, he has a record contract with Cherry Red, the UK’s biggest independent record label Download the Rally. Richard co-produces Sontaag with famed record producer Youth, who has also produced music for Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney.

Richard also records soundtrack albums for the Ultraphonics label, and has a publishing contract with digital publishing company District 6 labview 2014 다운로드. Richard was formerly signed to the major label RCA Records, as well as Morrison and Leahy publishing, headed by legendary British music moguls Dick Leahy and Bryan Morrison Download the eraser in my head.

Richard lived and worked in Hong Kong throughout the 1990s, and visited film sets and film studios in China. When he’s not composing music, he’s writing about Chinese films for newspapers. “I love all kinds of Chinese films,” he says. “Two of my favorites are Spring in a Small Town and The Yellow Earth. My knowledge of Chinese film and Chinese culture certainly helps me to compose soundtrack music,” he adds. “I naturally understand the type of music a Chinese director is looking for.”